First blog post


Getting to Know Myra – a Little

My childhood years were spent out in the country in Arkansas. We lived on a farm with our home beside a very dusty or muddy road, depending on the season. Summer was hot and humid, but we thought that was normal for any part of the country. We just lived with it, not knowing anything different.

I discovered the difference when traveling home for a visit from my college life in the desert country of Arizona where it was hot without humidity. By the time my friends and I drove into eastern Oklahoma humidity I became seriously educated. The humidity was smothering!

As a married senior-adult, my new home was in the White Mountains of Arizona. Snow and wind entered my life. There is a pioneer story which states the first people entering the area decided to “circle the wagons” till the wind stopped. It didn’t. They never left.

My husband took me back to my home state of Arkansas for a few years. I became re-acquainted with chiggers and ticks. In a play on words, I called them chiks and tiggers. That didn’t help me tolerate them any easier. I counted over 50 chigger bites on my feet and ankles once! Other than the critters, Arkansas never felt like the home I had left. Too many changes. Farmlands were not farms anymore. Friends had moved away.

Now, we have returned to to the White Mountains of Arizona. I will tell you more in later posts. Check back to learn about my heritage and how that has effected my life. Hint: a book in the writing.



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