Family History

Family history is also called genealogy. There is one big difference between them. Family history is genealogy plus stories which makes the project much more interesting. Genealogy is basically names, dates, and places. Information is usually recorded on family group sheets and pedigree charts. Wikipedia has a good article on the subject. is a great resource for information. There are many others as well.

According to USA Today, genealogy is the second most popular hobby in the United States. I don’t know what I expected the second to be, but they said it is gardening. That puts genealogy as the second most visited category on the internet. Imagine that. Has it become an empty nesters hobby? Perhaps empty nesters also enjoy gardening even if only for flowers.

I prefer family history which makes those ancestors of mine “live” in my heart. Part of the information often ignored in the past concerns financial circumstances. Have you noticed employment information? Property ownership/value or rental? Education level? Have you searched for deeds? What about burial records?

I have also begun investigating what was happening in the world around them during their day

I invite my visitors to visit my website and read an article I posted on this topic. I do not wish to summarize it here and it will be much better if those interested will read it there.

In case you do not have time to visit today, I wrote some about my search for cousins who are also descendants of my great-grandfather Shadaway. Make a note to visit this week.

Therefore, I have a family history challenge for my visitors, try it – you’ll like it. Like my posts and share. We just might make it the number one hobby in the U.S. Spread the word.

BTW: I am trying to keep up with my other goals of posting on my website every Saturday and my blog every Monday. Maybe I got that backwards. However, this time, one was late and one is early! Oh well, at least they are both accomplished. How are you doing?




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