Illuminata by Marianne Williamson

Thoughts, Prayers, Rites of Passage
 A five star book.  Read how I came to this conclusion.
  I’m not into what is considered metaphysics and spirituality and the author is a well-known lecturer on those topics. Also, this book is describes as a compilation of contemporary prayers and medications. I’m also not into prayers to memorize in place of creating personal prayers as the time and need dictates.
First of all, the title reminded me too much of a similar word “Illuminati” referring to a global elite society that is either in control of the world or is seeking to take control.
 My husband saw this book and bought it for me, bookworm that I am! So, I decided I should give the book a chance. Instead of reading the prayers as prayers, I read them as poetry, expressing thoughts and dreams and wishes.
 I especially appreciate the one on page 95-96 because, whatever our circumstances, we all  feel a need sometimes to evaluate and start over. This one expresses this sentiment. She wrote verses that describe a person who feels a burden too big to carry. It includes a do-it-yourself for recognizing regrets and failures done and not done and the turning of one’s life over to God. Then there is the desire to improve those weaknesses.
  The prayers that I read as poems could encourage a reader to apply the words to personal needs and to turn to our Father in Heaven more often.
  I like what she said, “Read my prayers or someone else’s. By all means, create your own.” I can handle that. I encourage others in this time of turmoil to consider that. If someone decides to read this book, perhaps it might lead more people to do that.
 There are religious viewpoints that I do not share, but that is ok. I was able to appreciate the points that I can accept.
After my negative impressions were erased, I can recommend the reading of this book.

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