Rise of Theodore Roosevelt

I recently began reading The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris. I am amazed by how interesting it is. There are 780 pages which include an epilogue. I took a peek at the last line of the epilogue and it made me want to read every word in those 780 pages, if I had not already decided that.

I do not remember any school history book telling me about his marvelous mind, education and multiple health challenges. I’ve learned much and I have only reached chapter two.

He is described as a man unconcerned with the constitution, but I find that hard to believe so far. It will be interesting to see how the biographer backs up that statement. He came from a patriotic family.

This biography begins with his ancestors, parents, siblings. It leads the reader to understand the makings of this man.

He supported the cause of the North during the Civil War even though his wife was from the South and led their children to support the southern cause.

He was responsible for a congressional bill which encouraged soldiers to send most of their paychecks home to their families.

Included are 140 more pages filled with acknowledgements , bibliography, notes, and index. Those pages will get cursory attention.

I posted this on Goodreads History because I want more people to know about this great book, a Pulitzer Prize winner, published back in 2001.

If I pass this book on to other readers, it will be with the requirement that it is returned to me. I consider it to be a keeper.

I suggest interested folks search Amazon and eBay for a copy.


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