And I am not talking about tasty treat.

It’s all about a weather blizzard and what to do if you are stuck in one. Watch the weather forecast and when you are warned heavy snow and high winds, it is hibernation time, not travelling time. You should have a tank of gas, though, because emergencies do not wait for sunshine.

And, for goodness sakes, don’t lose your keys or lock them inside your vehicle or house with you on the outside. My husband, the locksmith, is out right now on a rescue mission. In a blizzard. You guessed it. This topic entered my mind because I am hibernating.

So what will you do while you hibernate?

First, get prepared, of course. You knew that. It’s time to stock up on crackers and cheese, soup, water and juice, chips and salsa. cans of fruit with pop tops. sandwich fixings. Think easy to prepare.

Do you have a manual can opener? Supplies for the grill? Aluminum foil? Paper plates, etc.?

Books, oh yeah.  And magazines. Flashlights in case the power goes off. Plenty of blankets to cozy-up in.

Fabric scraps for a project, maybe one that uses finger sewing.

Is the iPhone charged. It’s a good time to visit with family and friends without feeling guilty.

My clock just reminded me to add battery powered clock and……a radio to my post. It reminded me what time it is. It has been dark for so many hours I lost track of the time. That explains why my eyes are crying for sleep.

I hope you’ll be ready when a blizzard comes to your house.

Have you heard the story about the new hired hand?

A man appeared at the farmer’s door to inquire about possible work. The farmer told him he did need a handy man who could help with repairs on the barn, fences, etc. and a man who could tend the animals. He asked the man, “why should I hire you”?

The answer was, “I can sleep when the wind blows.”

The farmer was puzzled by that response, but decided to give the man a try. He gave him a bunk in a separate section of the barn, fed him supper and said goodnight.

For a few days, the hired hand worked about the farm and the farmer was pleased.

In the middle of the night the wind became fierce and rattled the windows. Unexpected rain poured down. The farmer grabbed his hat and coat and dashed out into the storm and ran to the hired man’s door yelling, “Wake up. The cows need to be bought inside.”

The hired hand casually reassured the boss all was well. “I told you I could sleep when the wind blows. I watched the forecast and the cows are already inside the barn.”